Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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No Fact Check, Pharmaceutical Instituionsfrom Reputed Pune University and SociallySituated and Socially Constituted Agency by Rahul Hajare in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Open Access Journal (OSMOAJ) in Lupine Publishers

The behavioral view of corporate governance has derived from the behavioral view of the firm, which arguably rests on more realistic assumptions than the economics rooted positive agency theory with regard to the heuristics of managerial action. In addition to the bounded rationality condition, the principle of satisfying and the assumption on routinisation in the decision-making process, the behavioral view treats organizations as complex social systems. They constitute venues of power battles among the coalitions of corporate actors realizing often conflicting goal agendas. It is therefore probably the most explicit about the existence of phenomena of power and politics in the corporate settings among all theories of the firm.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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The Tall Poppy Syndrome in Orthopedics and Medicine by Douglas E Garland in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Open Access Journal (OSMOAJ) in Lupine Publishers

The Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS) is a metaphor which symbolizes viewing a poppy field and noticing one poppy towering above the others; a penchant by an individual, group or society exists to cut down this tall poppy so that all are equal and uniform. A “tall poppy” is defined as someone with fame, fortune, achievements or skills. The syndrome has been identified in many countries with their own metaphors or phrases since antiquity. The entity is relatively unrecognized in the United States perhaps because of the constitutional rights of the individual and capitalism which is based on meritocracy. Lack of recognition does not negate existence. Daily examples may be found in the industries of sport, business, entertainment and especially politics. TPS may be noted in medicine since antiquity as well. Nearly every new discovery, technique, or rivalry is a breeding ground for TPS. One of medicine’s greatest rivalries occurred between Louis Pasteur (France) and Robert Koch (Germany) regarding the germ theory of disease. Their rivalry leads to denigrating each other privately, and at meetings which would also draw in other doctors often with a dose of nationalism for good measure. Envy was described as an early root of TPS especially in people with low self esteem [1]. The envier lacked what the tall poppy possessed and had the option to improve (good envy) or denigrate or cut down the tall poppy (bad envy). Further psychosocial studies have extended behaviors to include deservingness and resentment as well as others [2].

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Benefits of Sports Medicine: (OSMOAJ) - Lupine Publishers

Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine in a new concept focused not only on rehabilitation or treatment of discomfort or pathologies, but to provide all our experience so that all those who wish to start enjoying sports with health. And there is no doubt that thanks to Sports Medicine we are able to discover our own limits while we can carry out an adequate exercise, which in turn allows us to prevent or improve diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity, among others. Thanks to the different personalized programs of physical exercise, which helps us improve memory, mental function, speed and personal autonomy. Besides, of course, help us improve our own body image, our health in general and to enjoy a better feeling of well-being.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Domestic Violence Perpetration Reporting among Recently-Married Men Residing in Slums Correlate Pharmaceutical Institution in South West Pune, India: (OSMOAJ) - Lupine Publishers

A face is an index of mind correlation, co-efficient of mind. Domestic violence has prevalent in low-income and slum-dwelling communities in India has accepted an issue of low education and second nature. Now days, the focus of domestic violence prevention in resource-poor settings has largely been with women. Researcher herein aim to identify connection of domestic violation perpetration to help inform future secondary prevention efforts that focus on mind set change in men. Utilizing a crosssectional design, potential correlates of domestic violence perpetration has explored among a geographically-clustered random sample recently-married men residing in slums correlate pharmaceutical institution in south west Pune, India. In multivariable regression, Domestic Violence perpetration has associated with less time spent alone in the relationship post marriage, not attaining the ‘husband ideal’. Poor resilience, having limited definitions of behaviours constituting Domestic Violence, and reporting greater jealousy if the participant’s spouse has to talk to men outside the family. The identified correlates should inform components of future Domestic Violence secondary prevention interventions that target men as potential perpetrators or the couple as a unit.

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Persistent Wound Leakage After Total KneeAnd Hip Arthroplasty by Michael AB Naafs in  Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Open Access Journ...